Name change and more

There are many major changes ongoing and incoming after we have launched a new program JUVILANT with this new website First we have renamed our book series’ name to “Future Message Series”. Some books in the series have been renamed accordingly. Here is a full list of the books:

  1. “Numbers and the Roots of Numbers in the Bible”
  2. “Sword for Future (I): Dividing Truths in Daniel & Revelation”
  3. “Sword for Future (II): Dividing Truths in Gospels & Other Bible Books”
  4. “Daily Manna (I): Rare Pearls in the Deep”
  5. “Daily Manna (II): New Oil in the Press”
  6. “Daily Manna (III): Nightly Dew in the Desert”
  7. “Cracking the I Ching Code with Bible: Does the Book of Change Contain Future Messages?”
  8. “How to Read the Bible with Future in View: For Beginners”
  9. “Manna for the Sixth Day: The Double Portion”
  10. “Waking Up to Millennium Jubilee”

To sustain the writing, publication and distribution of these and new books for a stable long term, we have decided not to release any free versions. Here is a list of four online stores selling these books according to language and locations: (For English readers) (For Chinese readers living inside China) (Simplified Chinese for overseas readers) (Classified Chinese for overseas readers)